Cyber Fantoms

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What are Cyber Fantoms?

Cyber Fantoms are the second collection in the Fantoms On Opera NFT/token ecosystem. They consist of 1500 unique cyberpunk ghosts, rendered in 2100x2100 images. They can each be minted for 5 FTM (loading USD). The Fantom on the right is the latest minted Cyber Fantom.

Where do project funds go?

40% to partnerships 20% to long-term treasury 10% to short-term treasury 10% to investments 20% other
Partnerships can be expensive, so 2 out of the five fanties you pay will go to fund partnerships, and allow the project to reach new hights! DeFi has many benefits, so why not take advantage of them? 1 out of your 5 fanties will be staked at LiquidDriver using these farms. These may change over time, and will be updated. Community is the most important part of a project, so 0.5 of your 5 fanties go to community rewards. These can be used for giveaways, booster rewards (discord server boosters get returns!), etc. We like to support other projects too, using these funds, we support projects by buying/donating! This 20% is used to pay for some worker's wages (SM manager, etc.), staking, rewards, partnerships, OPR burns, etc. This 20% isn't fixed and can be distributed throughout the others flexibly.


Why wrap?

Cyber Fantoms cannot be traded on PaintSwap, wCYBERs can though! (collection)

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